Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What Are We Doing Here?

Most of you know how active I am on LinkedIn (Social Media Today and Social Media Explorer).  I'm a Top Contributor in both of those forums and I think of myself as a bit of a marketing watchdog.  You see, I've got 25+ years as a marketing profession - which doesn't mean I know it all.  However, it does mean that I've heard a lot of "pitches" over the years.  Now, if you're averse to foul language, you might want to click away.  I'm not fond of bull-shitters.  In fact, I despise them.  They've done a lot of damage to my profession over the years.  It not only makes it difficult for professionals like myself to win business over those who sell lies, but it also makes it difficult to convince clients who've been burned that I can do what I say I can do.  I thought I'd take my brand of "truth" to social media forums to share with others that this profession is supposed to represent something much more ethical and worthy.  It's about helping clients, typically small-to-medium-sized business who just want to swim this sea of consumer confusion and brand chaos.  And, along the way, avoid being eaten by sharks and emerge with limbs in tact.  We don't have to stop there.  I want to share with other marketing professionals how to manage customer expectations and start talking with the kind of truth that should be at the front end of every engagement.  I'm glad you found my blog.  Whether you're a small business or another marketing professional, I want to thank you for your interest in the truth.  I hope this Blog will flush out the bullshit and usher in a new era of honesty about what works, best practices, helpful hints, great ideas, identifying lame strategies and anything you'd like to share. 

Some of the posts are taken from content I've written on LinkedIn Group boards.  I apologize if you have already read the post, but my blog posts make it much easier to locate content. Enjoy.

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